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Welcome to the web site of Glasgow and District Wargaming Society.

Secretary: Dave Watson


GDWS was founded in 1969 and we are one of the oldest clubs in continuous operation.

We meet fortnightly on Sundays from 1pm to 6pm in the Scout hall, Shawmoss Road, Crossmyloof, Glasgow G41 4AD. We also arrange weekend meetings over Saturday and Sunday for that big game.

We have around 40 members and space for all! We have our own tables and terrain and can cater for all periods from biblical to the future.

Annual subscription is 45  and membership attracts discounts from local traders including Static Games, Jamieson Models and George & Dragon.

There are a range of annual competitions and campaigns that provide an opportunity for new members to get involved including FoG, WAB, and FoGR.

What's NEW !

Our participation game at Carronade 14 was Bannockburn 1314 - Can you break the schiltron?

Plus Battletech display game - Bannockburn Bog.

New games at GDWS - Dystopian Wars!

January 2014 Double Header. Two days of gaming at GDWS

FoGR 2012/13 winner is Ian Austin

2013/14 Meeting schedule.

Alan Cutner won the FoG competition.

Our first display game for 2013 was the Battle of Muret 1213 at Carronade on 11 May. All the photies now up on the page.

Followed by Glasgow Green 1938 at Wappinshaw.

and Raid on Tito in 28mm using Bolt Action rules at the Claymore show on 3rd August in Edinburgh.

Iain Forrest Memorial Trophy WAB Competition winner for 2012/13 is Dave Watson. New Hail Caesar competition for the Iain Forrest Memorial Trophy

Hall of Fame. Competition winners



Gaming at GDWS

Members wargame a wide variety of periods and rules. On a typical Sunday you will find ancient and medieval battles using FoG or WAB, Renaissance with FoGR, Napoleonic and 19th Century conflicts using PoW or Black Powder and WW2 using Command Decision, FoW or Spearhead rules. Other periods are also covered. See the period sections for more details.

The club runs several tournaments and campaigns that are a good way to introduce new members to the society. We also participate in competitions across the UK and try to support all the Scottish wargame shows.

Contact Information

Please feel free to turn up on a society day and introduce yourself to the duty committee member. We allow two free sessions before we ask you to join. Or contact our Secretary, Dave Watson:

01292 310921
Electronic mail


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